Welcome to Courage Christian Center

Courage Christian Center was birthed through divine inspiration to it’s founding Pastor, Tayo Badejoko – who left his home church in Nigeria to start this work.

We are a non-denominational, post Pentecostal bible-believing church. The mission of Courage Center is to reach, touch and influence people of various nationalities with the life changing good news of Christ. We intend to positively impact the spiritual, social and economic climate of our community, by being relevant with the timeless message of hope within the context of today’s popular culture and abounding negativity.

From humble beginnings with 6 members meeting to pray in 1999. The Church has grown to an average of 200 members. At Courage Christian Center we are committed to our member’s success and the attaining of their God given potential/purpose in this life.

  • Our Vision is to be a life-giving church for all nations and generations—a church that is relevant in our community and beyond.
  • Our Mission is to provide a warm and uplifting worship experience through revelation and knowledge while remaining true to our core values.
  • Our Goal is to live for Christ, and inspire others to walk with us along the path of righteousness and ultimately reign in eternity with Him.

Core Values

Here at Courage Christian Center, we embrace and are true to these seven core values;

  • We Serve beyond self and strengthen one another through caring relationships (Eph 4:32. Gal 6:10).
  • We Equip believers to prosper in Spirit, Soul and Body (3 John 1:2)
  • We are Relevant by impacting our community and the world (Matt 5: 13-16)
  • We Evangelize by sharing the gospel and teaching the truth of the scriptures with newness and creativity (Isa 6:8 ; Ps 86:11)
  • We are Courageous, clearly communicating our understanding of the scriptures and standing up for the faith ( Jude 1:3; I Tim 3:15)
  • We Honor Diversity by being culturally sensitive and inclusive at all times, and will not cease until Christ returns (Gal 3:28)


Our Staff